WUNDEREXTENSIONS - Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara - Two Formula’s, One Container, Wunderful Results!
WUNDEREXTENSIONS - Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara

WUNDEREXTENSIONS - Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara


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Through its Dual Formula Technology, two separate formulas with distinct functions are filled inside the WUNDEREXTENSIONS chamber and become seamlessly blended upon application, giving a perfectly balanced mascara that will provide multiple lash benefits. more

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Free Shipping & 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Size: 7.5g

Made in Italy

WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara

Introducing WUNDEREXTENSIONS Lash Extension & Volumizing Mascara featuring WUNDER2’s proprietary Dual-Formula Technology, a new breakthrough in mascara that combines the benefits of two separate formulas into one product.


Through its Dual Formula Technology, two separate formulas with distinct functions are filled inside the WUNDEREXTENSIONS chamber and become seamlessly blended upon application, giving a perfectly balanced mascara that will provide multiple lash benefits in one stroke of its brush.  Two Formula’s, One Container, Wunderful Results! 

Both Technologies are formulated with long wear capabilities so WUNDEREXTENSIONS will last through the toughest conditions (sweating, crying, etc.).


All women desire long, thick and beautiful lashes but need multiple products and a lot of time to achieve their dream.  Some lash products create length, some create thickness and some claim to both but typically are really only good at one.  So to truly have the perfect lashes, women have to use multiple products and spend a lot of time applying mascara, lash extensions and conditioners.


Through its advanced Dual-Formula Technology, WUNDEREXTENSIONS created the first lash solution capable of creating unbelievable volume and tremendous length in one step that will last all day, through the toughest of conditions, and keep your lashes nourished and conditioned – and in well under 2 minutes.

FORMULA 1:  ‘Blue’ Volumizing Technology The ‘Blue’ Volumizing Technology covers each lash with advanced “micro-hydra-tubes.” These microhydra-tubes treat and surround each lash with hydration and nourishment, thickening each lash for a voluminous look, preparing them to be coated by the ‘Black’ Extension Technology.  Lives with Formula 2 in same tube to give better benefits in under 2 minutes for wunderful lashes. 

FORMULA 2: ‘Black’ Extension Technology The ‘Black’ Extension Technology works on two levels, immediate and long term.  Mini tinted 3-Dimensional lash extensions (with varied lengths and widths to mimic the look of real hair) are applied to each lash creating tremendous length immediately. 


  • ONE PRODUCT, 2 BENEFITS: The ability to have Two Formula’s in One Container Maximizes the 2 Key Benefits People Look to for their Mascara to Achieve - Length & Volume

  • QUICK & EASY - One Step Length and Volume in Under 2 Minutes  

  • TINTED 3-D LASH EXTENSION FIBERS - Varied Length & Thickness Add Dramatic Lash Look Without tell Tale White Fibers usually found in Mascara’s.

  • SAFE - Replaces the Need for Damaging, Time Consuming and Expensive Lash Extensions

  • CONDITIONING - Micro-hydratubes Surround Each Lash Plumping and Nourishing them. No Lash Dry Out.

  • LONG LASTING - No Flakes, Clumps or Smudging. Stays in Place Looking Fresh All Day.


Apply on clean and dry lashes. Brush from base to tip until you have achieved desired degree of lash volume and length. Reapply for a more dramatic effect.






WUNDEREXTENSIONS - Lash Extension Stain Mascara

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Love love love the products

I have now ordered the foundation,lip gloss, wunderbrow and the extension/volumizing mascara and I love them all

Delivers what the ad says

Love the eyebrow and lash products. Stays on for days and I love it!

good products

try it you have nothing to do. good products that do what they say they will do. I really like the mascara!

Does what it says it does!

I have little, skimpy eyelashes and am constantly looking for mascara that will make my eyelashes seen. This actually works. I do use my eyelash curler after I put two coats of the mascara on.

More Reviews

wunder brow and wunder lash

I love both, they live up to what they advertise.

Wunderbrow is truly amazing!

I purchased the Wunderbrow, lash extension mascara and the lash stain. The stain & mascara work as good as any mascara but the true gift is the Wunderbrow product. It works exactly how they say and show you. I put it on and it lasts 3 days solid. Love it! Great experience with ordering and shipping!

Hands down best eyebrow cosmetic I have ever used!

I love the eyebrow gel, it is so easy to apply, looks super natural and lasts and lasts! I am a make up artist so I have tested countless brow products and this is IT! I will never use another brow product again. I also got the mascara which I didn't care for but I was able to return it no questions asked. Fantastic company

Great Eye Products!

Love the eyelash extender, and the Wonderbrow is Amazing! I highly recommend! Thanks!

Foundation, mascara and brow gel

The mascara is great! It applies easily, separates your lashes and lengthens them without making them clumpy! The foundation smells fresh. It's long wearing, lightweight on the skin and gives you just the right amount of glow. The brow gel (I use Black/Brown) is absolutely amazing. It's the one product I keep coming back for. It truly makes my brows stay on all day long. It's waterproof. I love the color ranges. I love that it sets your brows in place and that you can add the product in the sparse areas to fill in for a natural or dramatic brows.

La mascara es lo máximo

Compre un gloss, una mascara y una esponja, el gloss no pareció tan increible, no encontré nada del otro mundo en el, pero estoy encantada con el rimel y la esponja, yo no usaba rimel porque a medio dia ya lo traia todo corrido, y mis ojos son ojerosos, asi que me veia peor de ojerosa con el rimel corrido, pero este me encanta x que no se me corre y por fin se me ven mis pestañas, la esponja tambien es una maravilla, si recomendaría ampliamente estos productos, ahora quiero probar el de cejas.


I really love the wonder brow and wonder lash extensions! They are the Best I have tried yet!


Love the extensions

Love it

I have ordered 2times and this time I ordered the mascara also. I love them both. I wish you had eyeliner ,I would order it to. I have recommend it to other people ,and they love it to thank you Diana

Great products!

Love the lash stain!

Love it! Lasts much longer than any other eyebrow color I've tried.

I really like this eyebrow stain. It truly lasts longer than regular eyebrow color. It lasts for 2 to 3 days for me so far.

Mascara and eyebrow

I loved both products. They arrived in a timely manner. Thank you.

Completely satisfied!

This was my second order. I previously ordered the WunderBrow in blonde which I love. I reordered that and decided to try the Wunder Extensions mascara. The mascara is great too. Very satisfied with both products, and my order arrived in a timely manner.


Best máscara and I brow gel ever made

Awesome products!

I love the Wunderbrow line because it performs the way it says it does. I have been using the brow gel, the mascara, and the the coverproof foundation and all three are outstanding and I will not be without them ever!

Love this product

i have used all kind of mascara but this one is Amazing love this product!

Better than eyebrow pencils or mascara

Wonder brow has lasted 2 to 3 days. I'm ok with that, brow pencils last less than a day. Wonder lash. I've used for 2 days. So far I like it. Applied once, it's still there after 2 days. Update..I do like the wonder brow. I touch up every other day. It's nice waking up with brows. I would purchase again. Wonder Lash. Is about the same as waterproof mascaras. You can see the shadow under the eye..after a shower 2nd day a little, 3rd day a lot. Can get same results for less. I don't hate it, but I don't love it.

Love wonder brow and mascara

I have tried 100'several of different mascara...this is by far the best I've ever used! Stays on, no flaking,clumping,etc. Wonder brow is the best most realistic look on the market.

Love these products!!

I am using wunderbrow and the eye lash extensions mascara and love them both! The wunderbrow helps shape and fill in my eye brows and stays put! The mascara volumizes and lengthens without flaking all over my face! These are wonderful products and I recommend them both to anyone!

I love it.

The wunderbrow is awesome. It lasts all day and doesn't rub off unless you're at a waterpark and have water sprayed on your face all day long, lol. The only thing I found was that the brush is not diagonal like I saw in the video, but I used my own and love the results. I bought 2 got 1 free and gave one to my sister. She loves it too! The mascara to die for. My eyes are always teary with makeup which makes my eyelashes drop fast, but with the mascara they were long and lush. So glad I splurged on myself with these products.

Satisfied customer

I purchased both the wunderbrow and the mascara. Both products are quite good and provide the performance that is advertised. I would like to try a bigger brush for the wunderbrow but have yet to do so. Very longlasting and does not smudge. The color I selected was just right for me.

Best Eyebrow Product Available

I highly recommend this product ....... I especially love the eyebrow gel (although the applicator/brush could be improved) ... and I really like the eyelash stain .......

Very Satisfied!

The wunder brow is really awesome!! and the waterproof mascara last for days!! and it makes my eye lashes look longer :)

The best!

Love love love these products!!! Mascara and wunderbrow!!!!!'

Love the wonder brow product

Really love the brow product and the lash extensions mascara. Well worth the money!

Great so far

I purchased wunderbrow & wunder extensions mascara. I've only had them one week so I can't say as far as long term goes but as of now & so far I love both!

love wunder prodcts

I love the brow and mascara. I wis they had a black brow makeup. Great!!!!


The Wunderbrow Eyebrow gel and Mascara are definitely the best product out there today. Easy to apply and wear all day long, even into the next day. I don't have long nor thick lashes and the mascara makes me look like I have falsies on. LOVE both products!

brows and lashes

i love the eyebrow gel, it's the perfect shade for me and the lashes gel goes on perfectly too

My experience!!!

I love this beauty product and everything I've bought like the mascara is awesome as well and the wrinkle reducer can't wait to see what's next thanks wunderbrow!!!! .

Very easy!!

I ordered mine on-line. It was very simple and I had my product within 6 days. No problems with the on-line site. I have ordered the WunderBrow, the mascara and the mascara stain and the WunderLift. Great products. Not any issues with any of them. I love the products and they do as they advertise.

Love the Mascara

The mascara is great. It's everything it stated it was plus it's lightweight and does leave any clumps and have your lashes resembling a tarantula. I will most definitely purchase this again! The wunderbrow on the other hand was not for me. Nothing like I thought it would be however this has not distorted my view on the mascara because that actually worked!


I think it's a very good product and it does make your eyelashes look long.

Excellent products. As billed.

I love the brow color and the mascara. The mascara is, essentially, a waterproof mascara but goes on smoothly without clumping and does not smear--even after showering and washing my face! The eyebrow coloring kit (color and brush wand) work beautifully and hold up throughout the day with perfection. I used an eyebrow gel after applying and really loved the results.

Awesome. True

I loved the eye brow filler and the mascara.

Great products

All of the items I have purchased work wonderfully, and my orders arrive on time or early. I have Wunderbrow Wundercleanse Wunderlift (used twice, it worked) Wunderextentions mascara (my fav) Wunderextentions stain


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! I've spent and invested thousands of dollars on eyebrow products (and other cosmetics). Although many were okay, I've had to combine 2-3 different products together to achieve my desired natural look (i.e. 2 different colors, gel & setting) a 30 minute daily process! Wunder2brow is a dream come true! Eyebrows are done in less than 5 minutes with only one product - Yay! As a karate student, stay put-waterproof eyebrows are a must! No more accidentally swiping off an eyebrow during grueling, sweaty trainings! Not pretty. Definitely recommend this to everyone! I've also ordered foundation, mascara and lip plumper - excited to come back to rate those soon. 😍

Long and lush

This mascara does everything it says it will ! Extends the lashes and thickens them! I just wish they made this in waterproof also! 😊👍

Wonder Brow and Mascara

Your mascara is great. Love it. The Wonder Brow is great too, but dries out in the container after a couple weeks even when tightened! Not sure why... Thanks

Excellent products with fast delivery

This is my second time ordering from wunder2. Both times I received my order quickly and the products are amazing. I will be using the wunder brow for years to come. It stays on for days and looks fresh each day. Now added the mascara and it too stays on for days without caking. Love, love, love the wunder line of make up.

Great Product great company

I ordered WunderBrow and WonderLashes. I received them even before I was expecting them. The products work as advertised and I couldn't be more pleased!

Works well.

For my brows it works well but I have to reapply every other day on the areas where I have no brow and I'm filling in. I put it also as eyeliner and it works well there too. I even tried it as mascara. I found it works every well there as well. I do not understand why it is not staying on my brow more than two days without needing touched up. I even clean surface of brow with alcohol wipes. And I do not wear any other make up on my face most of the time.

Great products

Loving the WUNDERBROW and WUNDEREXTENSIONS Mascara. They are what it claims to be - really waterproof, long lasting and relatively easy application. The WUNDEREXTENSIONS Mascara is the best mascara I had ever used - it lengthens my lash by A LOT, holds the lash curled and can be piled up for a more voluminous look.

I absolutely love this product!!!

I absolutely love this product!!! As a matter of fact I have loved all Wunderbrow products including the mascara, eyebrow gel and especially the foundation!!! Let me know If you want a video =)

Absolutely satisfied with my product I love my wonder 2 brows

I would buy more make up products love everything from this company can't wait to buy more!!

Wonderful products

I was skeptical but I ordered the mascara & the brow. I absolutely fell in love with it and will order more.



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