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Discovering the best shape for your eyebrows

Eyebrows are an often overlooked aspect of fashion and esthetics that have a very important impact in shaping beauty for the face, and offering a sense of style. Over the centuries there have been countless trends in terms of eyebrow styles, methods for shaping them and tips that you can do at home.

While technological advances in the field of cosmetics and esthetics have changed over time, there are currently a few leading methods, and surprisingly, some of the most popular ones are not necessarily the most complex.

Below you will find some information on the leading methods for getting eyebrows done, with tips and tricks for doing them at home or maintaining the professional job you have done in a salon, as well as some tips on choosing the right shape according to the shape of your face, so that you can enhance your natural features.


Waxing eyebrows can be done in a salon or at home. The advantage of the salon job is that you may have higher quality wax products that what you might find in a pharmacy for home-based do-it-yourself eyebrow waxing. If you are choosing a salon, there is no need to pay the high price, but beware of professionals who price their services too low. Going for the mid-range is usually a safe bet, and you can ask questions about the sterilization and cleanliness practices as well. It’s also a good idea to find out what kind of wax they are using, or if you’re waxing from home, check the ingredients and do patch testing to ensure you have no allergic reactions.

When waxing, you should always do this on a clean face and determine the shape right away using the precision of wax. For this, using thinner popsicle sticks can come in handy for applying either hot or cold wax. Make sure you don’t over-heat the wax, and again you can test on part of your skin before applying, in order to avoid burns.


Plucking is very time-consuming and can be done in a salon or at home as well. Plucking is a very precise method for getting the right shape of eyebrows that you want, however it’s important to go very slowly one area at a time, starting with the bottom of your eyebrow along the eyelid. It is not recommended to pluck on the top unless there are just a few stray hairs as this can make the shape harder to maintain and compromise the natural arch of your eyebrow and how this complements the shape of your eyes and face.

When plucking, locate the starting point relative to the shape of your eye and start plucking directly above the eye duct, and go outwards from there, following the natural shape of your eye socket. Make sure you use the right tweezers, as tweezers that are too sharp can leave little sores on the surface of the skin, and tweezers that are too wide would make it difficult to grasp the individual hairs.

Make sure you are plucking on clean skin and regularly wash off the hairs to check the shape. You may want to moisturize after the plucking to keep the shape fresh and the skin soft as well.


Eyebrow threading is one of the oldest ways of shaping eyebrows, and has its origins in the Middle East. While it is more common around the world now, it is still rare and may be difficult to find in a salon unless it is a pricey one. You may know someone who can do it for you or even know how to do it yourself, but if you are fortunate to have access to a professional for eyebrow threading this is a method that causes minimal regrowth, without uneven bald patches that can sometimes happen with waxing, and also leaves the hair soft, offering the chance for a very nice and precise shape.

This technique is growing in popularity because of its precision, low cost in materials and because it works well with current trends for more natural eyebrow shapes that follow the natural arch of your eyebrow, rather than extreme plucking for very thin eyebrows that were common and popular decades ago.

In current fashion, natural-looking, but well-shaped eyebrows are the current trend and eyebrow threading is an ideal way to achieve this natural look that gives your eyes the contour to stand out.


Sugar-treatment is similar to waxing, but simply uses a sugar based crème that gently kills the root of the hair. This technique is more common with leg or axilla hair removal because it is less precise, however it is also more gentle than waxing and can be used with very thick eyebrows to create a general shape before plucking to finish off the shape.


For those who have very bushy or thick eyebrows or a shape that you are unhappy with, laser is sometimes used for eyebrows, but carries some risks as you require the service of a professional and it is more expensive as it requires several treatments. Some people may prefer this method because it is a form of more permanent hair removal and a way to keep the shape for a longer period. However, as trends change, permanent eyebrow shaping may not be an ideal way to keep up with trends, especially as we are currently heading towards trends for thicker and more natural looking shapes for eyebrows.

Round face

For a round face shape, the goal is to make the face appear longer by arching the eyebrows as much as possible to contrast with the shape of the face. This can be accomplished with any eyebrow width and shape simply by accentuating the arch.

Long face

With a longer face, the goal is opposite, to give the face an appearance of being shorter. With longer face, we keep the eyebrow less pronounced and lengthen it out, plucking it to flatten the shape and give the face a longer shape.

Square face

If your face is more square with stronger jaw line, it is recommended to go with dark eyebrows and a thicker line to draw attention away from the jaw line and accentuate the eye area.

Heart-shaped face

For heart-shaped face where the chin is more prominent, it is recommended to accentuate the eye area with a softer, more rounded shape to the eyebrow to take the attention to a more feminine shaped eye area.


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