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A typical facial cleanser helps to remove dust, perspiration and sebum as well as makeup to maintain a healthy and attractive surface of the skin.

WUNDERCLEANSE is a special cleanser, which is uniquely designed for removing WUNDERBROW.  Due to its Permafix technology, WUNDERBROW can stay for days, which could cause some problems for a normal cleanser, as it is not efficient enough in removing it. That is why WUNDERCLEANSE can ensure your makeup is removed effortlessly.

There are several kinds of facial cleansers suitable for different skin types.  Here is the list of the main categories of cleansers:

And how does a facial cleanser work?

Its main purpose is to clean off the impurities on the face without being too harsh for the skin. Unfortunately, pure water is not able to remove dirt, which is fat-soluble, and that is when a cleanser should be used. The science of cleanser can be explained by a process known as “micellation”. This works by breaking down the bigger particles e.g. oil and dirt into smaller ones by a series of chemical reactions, which could then be easily rinsed off the skin. Notably, micellation process is more efficient at warmer temperatures, and, hence, the warm water should be used when removing makeup.

Surfactants form the basics of the cleanser and in WUNDERCLEANSE it is a copolymer complex dissolved in isohexadecane. Consisting of a fat-soluble, or lipophilic part, and a water-soluble, or hydrophilic part, surfactants are able to get rid of the impurities present on the skin. While the lipophilic part sticks to the oily part of the substances present in make-up, effectively removing this, the hydrophilic part ensures that everything is effectively washed out.

Glyceryl Caprate found in WUNDERCLEANSE is a natural surfactant enhancer, which makes this cleanser so efficient and powerful in removing WUNDERBROW. It offers an emollient feel to WUNDERCLEANSE, and by reducing the oils, creates a more effective product. It is known for its multi-functional properties including moisturising ability and is considered to be very skin friendly. Therefore, WUNDERCLEANSE can dissolve the sebaceous oils on the skin surface without causing harm to the lipids of the skin's moisture barrier.



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