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The main purpose of  a facial foundation is to enhance colour and appearance of face as well as to impact a smooth surface to which other colour products can be added.  The forms can vary from emulsions, anhydrous cakes and sticks to pressed and loose powders. They also contain colorants to achieve a continuous even tone by smoothing out the surface of the skin and scattering the light to improve the colour. In addition, foundation can provide some benefits including moisturising and anti-ageing properties, and UV protection.

So how does COVERPROOF foundation work? It is essential to introduce the term “emulsion” in order to understand this. In foundation, a mixture of mineral oil and water builds the base. Because oil and water do not dissolve on mixing due to their differences in polarity, a substance known as “emulsion” is formed. In emulsion, small drops of one liquid remain separate from another liquid. In order for them to mix, an emulsifying agent e.g. Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate in COVERPROOF has to be added leading to the formation of a uniform creamy mixture. In addition, Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate has been reported to show microbicide properties when applied topically. Furthermore, when present in formulas, it may help to mask wrinkles, making the skin look younger.

In COVERPROOF, titanium dioxide plays an important role by covering the blemishes on the skin due to opacity of the substance. It can also make the skin appear pearly and clear. Additionally, titanium dioxide is able to block both harmful UVA and UVB rays providing protection from the sun and, thus, preventing collagen damage and appearance of wrinkles.

Mica is a filler ingredient, which helps spread the primary coverage pigments around on the face, making the product easier to apply.

Red, yellow and black iron oxides ensure that the perfect colour shade can be achieved that will match any skin tone.

Also, COVERPROOF comprises a multi-vitamin complex (Vitamin A, C, & E) to achieve optimum skin health and sodium hyaluronate - optimum skin hydration. Both can be incorporated inside the polymer to preserve their biological stability.

Sodium Hyaluronate present in COVERPROOF is known as the best “Natural Moisturising Factor” and a water-binding ingredient, which can fill the spaces between collagen and elastin. This would moisturise the skin, creating the plumping effect.

Vitamin A is considered to be able to perform multiple functions on skin, such as decreasing inflammation, regulating growth of epidermal cells and acne treatment.  It can also reverse photoaging and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  

Vitamin E, a naturally occurring antioxidant, works as a protector ingredient as it is a major free-radical scavenger, which prevents free-radical formation.  Its benefits include skin smoothening and moisturising, prevention of pre-mature skin ageing, and suppression of UV-induced erythema.

Vitamin C, a biologically active form of ascorbic acid, is also a potent antioxidant, which stops free radicals from forming.   It is said to be able to protect from UV damage and skin ageing as well as to treat acne and have skin-lightening effects.

A crucial feature that makes COVERPROOF foundation stand out is the revolutionary Tri-Plex Long Wear formula. Working on three levels it delivers long wear performance:

A combination of these three levels leads to the maximum effect on skin establishing the long-wear capability.



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