COVERPROOF - Faultless 24+ Hour Foundation A Breakthrough, Long-Wear Foundation That Literally Reinvents Makeup.



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COVERPROOF - Faultless 24+ Hour Foundation A Breakthrough, Long-Wear Foundation That Literally Reinvents Makeup. more

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Free Shipping & 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

Size: 30ml. / 1.01 fl. oz.

Shade Range: Fair, Light, Medium, Medium-Dark, Dark


Made in USA 

COVERPROOF - Faultless 24+ hour foundation. A breakthrough, long-wear foundation that literally re-invents make-up. 

COVERPROOF renders imperfections invisible to transform the look and feel of your skin. The revolutionary Tri-Plex Long Wear formula works on three interconnecting levels to deliver long-wear performance that’s ultracomfortable and exceptionally nourishing: 

Tri-Plex [1]: A high performance breathable film-former in combination with treated pigment provides tremendous 24+ hour long wear coverage and enables the transfer proof and smudge proof attributes of COVERPROOF.  

Tri-Plex [2]: Typically, long wear/non transfer makeup are uncomfortable on the skin. Many utilize “softeners” to offset discomfort, but these “softeners” ultimately break down the makeup and compromise the long wear attributes. COVERPROOF negates discomfort by uniquely combining two polymers which form a flexible matrix that literally moves with the skin, making COVERPROOF the most comfortable, long wear foundation on the market.  As an added benefit, these polymers work in synergy with Tri-Plex [1] to enhance the long wear capabilities of COVERPROOF as compared to “softeners” which break down long wear potential. Lastly, Tri-Plex [2] has “gripping” capabilities which will help enhance the staying power of any color applied over COVERPROOF. 

Tri-Plex [3]: COVERPROOF uses a third polymer, PolyGlow, to provide a natural glow and flawless finish uncommon in most long wear makeup.  Most long wear makeup are formulated with light diffusers, which are large particles, and ultimately contribute toward an unnatural look and finish.  PolyGlow utilizes microparticles to achieve a natural appearance to the skin with a healthy glow.  In addition, PolyGlow allows COVERPROOF to be completely waterproof as well as transfer proof. 

Additionally, COVERPROOF contains a multi-vitamin complex (Vitamin A, C, & E) for optimum skin health and sodium hyaluronate for optimum skin hydration. 

Ultimately, COVERPROOF is a breakthrough technology in the foundation category that provides 24+ hour longwear coverage, with comfort, with a natural glow and a flawless finish – all in a one-step application that contributes to your overall skin’s health. 

Coverproof before after cover proof before after image coverproof before after image cover proof before after image

Following are tests that were done to demonstrate the long wear capabilities of COVERPROOF:



We had 10 women use COVERPROOF during gym workouts that included 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of light weight lifting. 

Results: 9 out of 10 women reported COVERPROOF lasted through their workout.  



We had 10 women apply COVERPROOF in the early evening and go to sleep with COVERPROOF on their skin and sleep on a white pillow case. 

Results: 10 out of 10 women reported no transfer on their pillow case.  


Test for: WATER PROOF 

We had 10 women apply COVERPROOF one hour prior to going swimming in a chlorinate pool for a half hour. 

Results: 9 out of 10 women reported COVERPROOF lasted through their swim.  


Test for: LONG WEAR 

We had 10 women apply COVERPROOF at 8AM and look at themselves in the mirror at 12P the following day or 28 hours later. 

Results:10 out of 10 women reported COVERPROOF lasted through the 28 hour period.

coverproof before after image cover proof before after image coverproof before after image cover proof before after image

Panel Testing Comments

“I’m a makeup junkie and try just about everything. I have tried countless long wear makeup products and have always been disappointed. The products I’ve tried are either not long wear, or if they do last, they look horrible or I feel the makeup on my face, and it’s uncomfortable. COVERPROOF is unlike any foundation I’ve ever used and lived up to all the billing.  It is so easy to apply, so comfortable to wear and lasted all day long. I even think it softened my lines and wrinkles. I have received so many compliments from friends and family since using this!” 

- Kelly, Bristol, CT

“After being told how COVERPROOF lasts through anything I decided to give it the ultimate test. I take Hot Yoga Class where we go through Yoga exercises in a room that is around 100 degrees. I applied COVERPROOF prior to my Yoga class, which I never do and was amazed that it lasted through my class and I was able to wear it through the end of the day. The staying power of this foundation is unmatched. It also applied easily and looked great on my skin.” 

- Michelle

“I work full time at an office in Toronto. Three days a week I go to the gym in my building during lunch where I work out, including a short swim. After my workout I always had to quickly re-apply my makeup and run back to work. COVERPROOF has made my life so much easier. I can apply my makeup in the morning, go to the gym, work-out, go swimming, and my makeup remains perfect. Now I don’t have to run back to work – just a brisk walk.” 

- Patricia

“I’ve been using COVERPROOF for around two weeks and have been so pleased on every level. The other night, a few of my girlfriends went out to a bar and had one too many. I came home and literally passed out on my bed. When I woke up the next morning I felt like a mess but when I went to the bathroom and looked at my face I looked amazing! My makeup was still flawless. I really wish I had COVERPROOF in college – it would have made the “walk of shame” so much less embarrassing.” 

- Elizabeth

“I have been going through menopause, and among many other issues, it’s been a problem with my makeup. COVERPROOF is the first foundation that is surviving my hot flashes. I am absolutely amazed at how it lasts for me throughout my entire day. The other supposed long wear foundations either don’t work, look horrible on my face or is so uncomfortable on my skin. COVERPROOF is more comfortable and natural looking than any foundation I’ve used, and it lasts.” 

- Sheila

“I live in Florida where it is hot and humid and makeup doesn’t last too long for us down here. COVERPROOF is the first foundation that I’ve used that is actually FLORIDAPROOF. I put my makeup on in the morning and it lasts until I go to sleep. I have three little kids and they put me through the paces and COVERPROOF outlasts them!” 

- Laurie 

“I have been having Photofacial treatments to remove age & liver spots and I found myself having to go out for the night right after one of my treatments. I ended up using COVERPROOF as I really wanted to look great and needed the coverage. I always found it really comfortable and have not had any skin issues with using it, I have sensitive skin that reacts to everything!, so I figured I would give it a try. It didn’t let me down! I looked great, it felt great and I had no reaction.”  

- Veronica

COVERPROOF BA Cover proof BA2 Vimbai Before for COVERPROOF Vimbai After for COVERPROOF


Love love love the products

I have now ordered the foundation,lip gloss, wunderbrow and the extension/volumizing mascara and I love them all

Great products

I purchased the wunderbrow which I love I've gotten it over 4 or 5 times I recently purchased the foundation which I love it feels and looks great , although the plumping lip gloss was a bust everything else does exactly what it says it will do. Great products!!!!

Foundation, mascara and brow gel

The mascara is great! It applies easily, separates your lashes and lengthens them without making them clumpy! The foundation smells fresh. It's long wearing, lightweight on the skin and gives you just the right amount of glow. The brow gel (I use Black/Brown) is absolutely amazing. It's the one product I keep coming back for. It truly makes my brows stay on all day long. It's waterproof. I love the color ranges. I love that it sets your brows in place and that you can add the product in the sparse areas to fill in for a natural or dramatic brows.

Love it !!

Shipping was fast And impressive. I'm amazed at how well the products work. I got the Cover proof and Wunderbrow (in auburn). They go on effortlessly and they LAST. So glad I took a chance .

More Reviews

No issues

Liking the face powder foundation

A Great Find

I ordered WunderBrow with some reluctance but was happy to find a truly great product. Because of that great experience, I ordered Wunder2. It is the best foundation I have ever tried. It is amazing and does what it says. I highly recommend this super satisfying company.

It's coverage and stay power is amazing!

I am talking about their eye brow and foundation products. I just love them both! My eyebrows have never looked better, but the foundation is definitely the best I've ever used. I use such a small amount for such large coverage. I was worried about using it under my eyes where I have dark spots but it wore well and did not enhance any was amazing. I am very happy with the wear and also must mention that it is odorless. I don't like makeup with a fragrance, it tells people that you have makeup on. This product gives a natural look.

Wunderbrow is great

It is extremely easy to use just follow the directions. Make sure to brush them out and they are perfect. I like wunderkiss and the foundation too. Try the wrinkle cream it is awesome


I got my package on time and both products work exactly as promised if you follow directions. I will be purchasing the foundation again. Nothing wrong with the wunderbrow but I got my eyebrows microbladed!

Love my brows!

So the brows look amazing after application. Takes some getting use to applying (I am a novice, but working on it). The foundation feels nice and looks good- does not take much for decent coverage. Best recommendation is to get a nice primer that goes on matte. The mascara was only ok. I have same results with drug store mascara for less- probably won't buy it in the future.

I absolutely love this product!!!

I absolutely love this product!!! As a matter of fact I have loved all Wunderbrow products including the mascara, eyebrow gel and especially the foundation!!! Let me know If you want a video =)

Absolutely satisfied with my product I love my wonder 2 brows

I would buy more make up products love everything from this company can't wait to buy more!!

The best eye make up and face make up I've ever found and so reasonable in price.

I really love the Wunder2 products. They are so reasonably priced and the shipping is quick. The Wunder Brow really fills in my brows and they look amazing! The mascara is terrific by being waterproof and making my eyelashes look longer and thicker. The liquid makeup, with its sponge, goes on so perfectly and feels wonderful. I definately will buy from this company when I need refills. Everyone should try it, the price is right and you will feel "beautiful " !!


Products came when expected and the products themselves are the best! I got the WunderBrow and the Wunder foundation. I have crazy oily skin like no foundation ever stays put but this one does! This one doesn't break down around my chin like every single foundation I've ever tried. The WunderBrow stays out and does not move! So happy with both products

Great products! All products are what they advertised.

I really like the foundation, eye brow and mascara products. The fioundation makes my face look natural and clear. For the first time after trying many other products I finally have a brow product that works on my very light brows.The mascara actually brings out my skimpy little lashes. I really was surprised!

Good products

The company delivered earlier than estimated and even found some of their CoverProof to ship to me. Their website showed that product as backordered. I really appreciate their assistance.


I got all the products love them will never use anything else.My sister said I looked 10 years younger



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