WUNDERBLEND Professional Complexion Sponge
WUNDERBLEND - Complexion Sponge

WUNDERBLEND - Complexion Sponge


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Change the way you apply your makeup forever with this edgeless makeup sponge. WUNDERBLEND is designed to replace existing makeup brushes & sponges. more

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Free Shipping & 30-Day Moneyback Guarantee

WUNDERBLEND Professional Complexion Sponge

Change the way you apply your makeup forever with this edgeless makeup sponge. WUNDERBLEND is designed to replace existing makeup brushes & sponges - the only beauty tool you need to hide imperfections and create a flawless, fresh finish to the skin.

Whether you are applying liquid, mineral or powder makeup products WUNDERBLEND is perfect for simply bouncing and blending into the skin, saving time & optimizing your beauty routine.  The tapered end of the egg-shaped sponge is ideal for precision contouring and application around the eyes and nose, whilst the wide base can be used for maximum coverage across the entire face.


  • Precision application without leaving streaks, marks or creasing
  • Can be used for multiple cosmetic products including foundation, powder, cream blusher, serums, primers etc
  • Creates seamless, air-brushed effect to the skin with just one tool
  • Does not soak up products like traditional cosmetic sponges
  • Eliminates messy application or difficult blending
  • Tapered end makes quick & easy work of contouring, highlighting and blended eye shadow application
  • Latex-free


  • WUNDERBLEND is best-used wet. Simply run under a cold tap & squeeze out excess.  The sponge will now appear larger in size & will not soak up product
  • Apply product of choice to WUNDERBLEND & dab onto skin
  • Bounce WUNDERBLEND across the skin to blend in product
  • Use small, pointed edge for precision application around eye & nose area
  • Rinse products out as you go through steps in your beauty routine
  • Deep clean WUNDERBLEND once per week using warm soapy water  
  • WUNDERBLEND can be replaced every 3 months for optimum results


Absolutely satisfied with my product I love my wonder 2 brows

I would buy more make up products love everything from this company can't wait to buy more!!

Life- and Time-Saving Eyebrow Product (other products are good too!)

Wunder2 is one of the best Beauty companies to ever come into my life! I currently use and love two of their products so faithfully I don't know what I would do without them! I first received the WunderBlend and WunderBrow (Auburn) as gifts for my birthday. I had asked specifically for the WunderBrow, but the WunderBlend was kind of an accident! My friend knew I used a different brand of beauty blending sponge, that it was purple, and it was falling apart! When she bought the WunderBlend, she thought she was getting me that beauty blending sponge. This turned out to be one of the best mistakes ever! Unlike that other blender, the WunderBlend actually comes clean (and *BONUS* it stays purple, my favorite color!) and I'm sure that has helped to clear up my sensitive skin! The WunderBlend also doesn't stay too wet, unlike the other one that stays so wet it removes as much of your makeup as it blends, maybe more! The WunderBlend easily gets to and stays the right amount of "damp" to blend makeup perfectly, even after "cooking" your foundation! But even better than the WunderBlend is the most important and amazing beauty product I have ever used: WunderBrow! The women in my family are unlucky when it comes to brows. We all have the lightest, most baby fine, few and far between, invisible eyebrow hairs! I swear they aren't blonde, they are clear! And unlike the rest of them, I was blessed with much darker hair on my head, so my clear/invisible brows really do nothing good for my looks! I have been filling in my eyebrows (really more like drawing them on or playing connect the dots since there are only like 3 of those clear hairs to each brow!) since I was about 15. I can leave the house without "my face on." I will NOT go out without my eyebrows! Which has always meant a full face of makeup because eyebrow pencils and powders look very strange without the rest of your face being made up. Fast forward to my 35th birthday and enter WunderBrow! I begged for it for my birthday. I had seen it all over Facebook, and whether it worked or not, I just had to try it! Now, I put my WunderBrow on, moisturize, and I can leave the house if I want! No more looking weird without the rest of my makeup. Or after WunderBrow is on, I put on my makeup, and my brows are flawless! When I wash my face clean of makeup, my eyebrows are still there! I can wake up in the morning and run out of the house to take my son to football with no embarrassment about my non existent brows. I have more confidence with no makeup because I have eyebrows that don't smear or disappear! I can go swimming in my pool and not be plagued my fears of suddenly having no eyebrows because they will still be there! I feel like a normal person for the first time since how I look began to matter as a teenager! Now, some wear off is normal overnight, especially where I literally have no hair, like my brow tails. But that takes literally seconds to fix and even when it needs to be touched up, it still looks like a normal persons eyebrows that haven't been filled in instead of like an alien with no eyebrows at all! Without WunderBrow, it takes forever to get ready, and drives everyone around me crazy! Now I can be out the door in minutes when I want! This is probably the longest review EVER, but I had to tell you how Wunder2 has changed my life!



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