Oh! val Brush Set


Perfect Makeup Brush Set

$ 39.95

Our new OH!VAL Brush Set will change your life for the better when applying makeup! Containing a total of 10 brushes, each has been designed for the face, brows, eyes and lips and is perfectly compatible with every type of beauty product.

With a beautiful soft feel and an oval shape design for easy application, each brush works to achieve a flawless blend and finish.

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how to use


Each brush has been specifically designed for a particular application:

A. Perfect Finish: To be used for finish and setting powders
B. Perfect Base: To be used for foundation
C. Perfect contour: To be used for creams and contouring powders
D. Perfect Highlight: To be used for creams and powder highlighters
E. Perfect Eye Finish: To be used for blending eye shadow
F. Perfect Sculpt: To be used for precision contouring
G. Perfect Correct: To be used for precision concealing
H. Perfect Brow: To be used for brow powders, pomades and gels
I. Perfect Lip: To be used for lipsticks and lip glosses etc.
J. Perfect Eye Define: To be used for detailed eye shadow application when blending into the eye crease
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