Pure Pigments in 5 Colours


Ultra-Fine Loose Color Powders

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PURE PIGMENTS are ultra-fine, highly concentrated loose color powders that work to create both a soft and intense makeup look. Beautifully lightweight, each shade is easily blended when applied to the skin, resulting in subtle or dramatic shimmer. 

When applied over PRIME & BEHOLD, PURE PIGMENTS are locked to the skin. Completely waterproof, transfer-proof and smudge-proof, each shade will last for up to 24-hours.

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how to use


  • Apply your chosen pigment color to the skin, using your makeup brush to gently blend to both the inner and outer corners of the eye.
  • If blending shades together, apply the first pigment color to the skin, covering the entire eyelid and blending out. Apply the second color with a clean brush, starting at the outer corner of the eye. Move the brush in small circles blending inwards for a unified finish.
  • When using PURE PIGMENTS in combination with PRIME & BEHOLD, apply your color pigment of choice on top of the primer. For a more intense look, apply a layer of color straight away and for a wash of color, apply the pigments after 2-3 minutes.
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