Ultimate Skin Treat

$53.90 (17% off)
$ 45.00

As the cold weather draws in, it’s time to give your skin some TLC. The Ultimate Skin Treat lets you refresh and nourish, featuring WUNDERTOX, WUNDERKISS Essential Lip Scrub and WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil.

Wundertox: The foaming detox mask instantly purifies and energizes skin that feels lacklustre, making you look more radiant from the inside. Simply apply the gel to your face, wait until foam forms and rinse away for refreshed and beautiful skin.

WUNDERKISS Essential Lip Scrub exfoliates chapped skin and nourishes dryness. Using a combination of sugar particles and shea butter, the formula deeply moisturizes and smoothes instantly.

WUNDERKISS Satin Lip Oil adds instant nourishment. With ingredients like Tsubaki, Avocado and Apricot Oil, it instantly rejuvenates and protects the lips. With continued use, Satin Lip Oil will help reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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