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WUNDERBROW Black / Brown

Eyebrow Gel


$ 22.00


Create beautifully bold brows with WUNDERBROW Black/Brown. This intense shade is ideal for darker brunettes, working to naturally thicken brows for a subtle, yet more statement finish.

With a long-lasting three-day hold, WUNDERBROW Black/Brown fills and softly sculpts brows, having been specially designed to suit a more olive-toned complexion. Within the gel texture, ‘hair-like’ fibers attach to both the brows and skin for a natural-looking finish.

If you're not sure which color is for you, take a look at our WUNDERBROW color chart below …

wunderbrow colours wunderbrow blonde wunderbrow auburn
wunderbrow brunette wunderbrow black brown wunderbrow jet black

how to use

WUNDERBROW Black / Brown

  • Apply to clean, dry brow
  • Start filling in sparse spots with WUNDERBROW Eyebrow Gel using short, feathery strokes. Use an angled brow brush as desired
  • Soften and distribute by grooming brow upwards and outwards with spoolie applicator. Reapply product if more coverage is needed
  • For removal apply an oil-based cleanser, such as WUNDERCLEANSE directly over where WUNDERBROW is applied. Massage gently and remove with a cotton pad


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