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Long-Lasting & Conditioning Eyebrow Powder


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WUNDERBROW FIBER FILLER is a water-resistant and transfer-proof brow powder designed to create a fuller brow, with a beautiful soft finish. Brush on natural-looking color with ‘hair-like’ fibers that lock to the skin and existing hair for 24+ hours. Infused with a Brow Conditioning Complex, WUNDERBROW FIBER FILLER also encourages healthy-looking brows.

If you are looking for more defined brows that last for up to 3 days, check out our original WUNDERBROW Brow Gel for semi-permanent results.
WUNDERBROW FIBER FILLER’s Fiberlock Technology utilizes two different types of fibers for a perfect, more natural looking brow. The first fills the brow and the second provides the dimension giving the color a more realistic look. Fibers are then mixed into treated powders that lock to both the skin and existing hair for 24+ hours.

WUNDERBROW FIBER FILLER is also formulated with a Brow Conditioning Complex rich in Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and Keratin that helps to create healthy-looking brows both short & long term.

how to use


  • Start with a clean, dry brow
  • Simply brush the powder through the brow with the applicator
  • To remove, use an oil-based cleanser
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